The State Of Virtual Reality

The VR Come Up

It’s been a long, unpredictable journey to have gotten where we are today in regards to the state of virtual reality. Nerdy humans have been trying to create a way to view other virtual worlds for a very long time. The Sensorama was one of the earliest conceptions of virtual reality. It’s safe to say we’ve come quite a long way. After a while, some cool people came up with the View-Master. This baby showed up what was possible and what a glimpse of the future might look like. It looks like we’ve kept the general idea alive and have worked out ways to make this type of experience more “real.”

A Rift Between Worlds

In the midst of 2012 with the world in a panic over the Mayan-predicted end of the world, some bright minds were planning for the future and trying to create their own version of an accessible, modern virtual reality system. After a serious cash infusion due to a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the Rift went from theoretical to practical. Hence, the Oculus Rift was born. The Rift went through many trials, versions, and corrections to get where it is today. Eventually, Facebook saw the potential and bought it for $2 billion. In 2017, the Rift was the most popular VR headset as of December. 



oculus rift

Where VR Stands Today

The virtual reality market is completely alive and thriving. The major competitor to the Oculus Rift is the HTC Vive. The fact that there isn’t a monopoly on virtual reality is a great thing. “Capitalism, baby!” Recently, HTC announced their “Vive Pro,” which includes higher resolution display, better hand units, and better audio. Meanwhile, Oculus announced the “Oculus Santa Cruz” and “Oculus Go” to add to the mid and low range markets, respectively. If you haven’t experienced the amazing world of virtual reality yet, there’s been no better (or cheaper) time to jump in It’s truly a great time to be a gamer!


In Other News

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