Pokemon Ultra Moon Review

Things Change

Although Pokemon Ultra Moon is the most recent iteration, Pokemon has been around since I was a small kid.

The love of battling, trading, and becoming a Pokemon master has been bringing joy to countless people for many years now.

Every generation, there are new Pokemon to discover and a story that progresses as you level up your fellow friends.

There are usually some minor changes to the classic formula but typically nothing too serious. It wasn’t until the last couple of generations that Game Freak really shook things up.

Pokemon Ultra Moon

Pokemon Ultra Moon has been one of my favorite iterations of the Pokemon franchise to date.

They were able to tweak their game formula just enough to feel to not feel like you’ve done this all before.

The things they’ve made are some of the most fundamental changes to the entirety of Pokemon. Let’s have a look.


Pokemon gets a tropical twist with this generation. The islands of Aloha bring a new sense of discovery to the game.

Alohan Pokemon Variants

One of the coolest features of Pokemon Ultra Moon/Ultra Sun is the unique Alohan Pokemon variants.

These cool forms are different types than their regular counterparts with some pretty wicked designs. I have to admit, some of the designs are pretty hysterical.

Pokemon Ultra Moon ratata

Island Challenges

Each island in Aloha has a unique island challenges that can be compared to gyms of previous Pokemon titles.

They all have themes like gyms but there instead of gym leaders there are now “Totem Pokemon.”

These are tough to take down and wiped my entire team plenty of times, especially in the earlier parts of the game.


The story of Pokemon Ultra Moon is one of the best of the entire franchise.

Game Freak took time to write out a thorough plot that evolves in complexity as you progress further in the game.

The crossover of “Team Skull” and the mysterious people from other dimensions is intriguing.


Perhaps the biggest change of the entire game is the new “z-moves.”

These bad boys pack an extremely powerful punch and can only be used once per battle.

You unlock the ability to use different z-moves as you progress through the game, kind of like gym badges.

These moves are a blast to use and can either K.O. your Pokemon or your enemy pretty easily. Not all of them are attack moves, which is really cool.

Pokemon Ultra Moon Z Crystal


Pokemon Ultra Moon is evidence the Pokemon games have come a long way.

The graphics are better than ever, the story is great, and the gameplay is fresh and exciting.

I’d even say this is the best the series has been so far.

I definitely enjoyed my first play through a lot and can’t wait to see how the game progresses over time.


Verdict: 9.0/10



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