Oculus Rift Free Weekend: Magic Dueler ‘The Unspoken’

Cast Some Spells This Weekend

The good people over at Oculus have been doing free game weekends for quite some time now. We really enjoyed Sparc the other weekend. It was a nice way to get some exercise and hone our eSport skills. This weekend, we can’t wait to enjoy “Magic Dueler ‘The Unspoken.’

Onward, a VR military sim was a total blast, as well as From Other Suns, a “Star Trek” like fantasy game that had us engrossed for hours at a time. At last, we get to rekindle our inner-wizard and wreck magical havoc on other players this weekend.

Robo Wizards & Real Wizards

The bread and butter of The Unspoken is the multiplayer element of the game. You’ll be defending and attacking other spell-casters as you learn to outwit your opponents in a battle arena.

If “owning noobs” isn’t your cup of tea, check out their single player experience, ‘Acolytes Chapter,’ which gives you an opportunity to get your magic level to 99 before entering the wilderness of players. (Runescape reference, anyone?)

Diversification isn’t a problem in this game due to a well-balanced combination of 5 classes and 30+ spells to add to your magical arsenal. It’s so well-balanced, it’s being considered as a proper “vSport,” or virtual eSport.

Ready for some magical mayhem? The game unlocks on March 8th at 1:00 pm eastern time (time calculator) and will until March 12th at 3:00 am (time calculator) on Monday.

We hope to see everyone playing The Unspoken on the Rift this weekend duking it out 1300s style. Let the best wizard win! If you really enjoy the game, pick it up at the Oculus Rift store for $30 and own it forever.




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