New And Improved Microsoft Hololens 2

The Original Microsoft Hololens

The original Hololens was a cool concept. It had a sleek, futuristic look to which made some people believe we were officially “in the future.” The Hololens’ trailer was amazing. The first time I watched that I had a huge smile of geeky happiness. The video showcased very impressive features such as a brand new mixed reality interface, a new way to enhance productivity, and awesome new ways to have fun. Luckily for us tech nerds, Microsoft is launching the Hololens 2 sometime in 2019.

I was hooked from the start. At that point in time, I didn’t know much about virtual or mixed reality in general. Since then, I’ve learned a lot and realized how the true limitations of the Hololens and other modern “different” reality products.

The major drawbacks of the first generation Hololens was the not-so-impressive resolution and field-of-view settings. With such a limited amount of computing space, the Hololens struggled to produce a high-quality visual display. This isn’t uncommon in the VR/AR fields. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have been struggling, too.

hololens 2AI Is The Future

Microsoft recently announced their Hololens 2 will incorporate an actual AI chip. The chip will increase the performance of the second generation Hololens dramatically. The race to have the dominant AI chip is one of the biggest challenges between the tech giants. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple are currently racing the clock to churn out advanced AI cores.

The AI chip will be built into Microsoft’s HPU, or “Holographic Processing Unit.” It will be the main hub that communicates¬†throughout the entire device including the cameras, head-tracking, and onboard sensors. The chip will be fully utilized to analyze deep neural network data to heighten modern AI’s potential.

We’re excited to see what Microsoft has in store for us with the Hololens 2. It’s almost guaranteed to be an improvement over its predecessor, which is exciting nonetheless. The current timeframe for release is sometime in 2019.


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