Monster Hunter World First Impressions

Finally, The Time Has Come

After many long years, Monster Hunter enthusiasts aching for the western world to spark interest in the series have finally seen the light of day. In Japan, Monster Hunter has become insanely popular. Unfortunately, the western world never quite accepted the series appropriately. Of course, there will always be groups of players who absolutely love the game, but for possibly the first time ever, Monster Hunter World is showing us, westerners, what it can truly bring to the table and why it deserves recognition.

Major Changes for Monster Hunter World

It looks like Capcom has done their marketing research correctly on this one. They’ve westernized the art style to make to the game feel closer to what we’re used to. They’ve also taken the “simplify” method and altered some deep mechanics of the game to appeal to a larger array of gamers. Some die-hard fans might not approve of all of these changes, but it’s safe to say most of them are just glad to see the series finally take off and are eager to share the experience with new players. Now, let’s talk about the big changes. For the greater part of Monster Hunter’s existence, it has been confined to the 3DS’s tiny screen. If you haven’t guessed, this limited the artists and content developers of the franchise to truly flex their creative muscles. With Monster Hunter World coming to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, the game’s graphics turned into something truly spectacular. Having played on the PS4 Pro, I can safely say the graphical fidelity is in the upper echelons of any PlayStation game I’ve ever played. The particles, lighting, and textures are truly gorgeous.

monster hunter world monster vs monster

Gameplay Changes

As I mentioned earlier, being on the 3DS was a hugely limiting factor for the developers. In previous iterations of Monster Hunter, switching regions of the game often generated a not-so-immersive loading screen while transitioning. With Monster Hunter World, those instances have magically disappeared and created a much more fluid experience. With access to a proper controller or mouse & keyboard, the game feels much more intuitive. As much as I loved the 3DS, it can only do so much. The improved animations are a strong plus. Unlike the older games, you’re now free to move in all combat situations. One of the coolest changes I’ve noticed was how much better the realism was in this game. Monsters will now fight other monsters, smash objects,  and run into walls. These all add new elements previously unseen in the franchise. Quicker mounting, potions while moving, quicker combos and other new game elements have made MHW quite the achievement.


Monster Hunter World, in my opinion, is a shining beacon in the franchise. Monster Hunter World has finally been adopted by a major western audience due to major system overhauls and greatly improved gameplay.. The graphics, combat, realism, and monster slaying have all been reworked to provide the players with a much better experience than its predecessors. If you’re a player that’s never experienced the brilliance of taking down a Rathalos, now is the best time to jump into the action.  PC fans, eventually, your day will come.

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-Derek V


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