Metroid Prime 4 Announced For The Nintendo Switch

Samus Aran Returns

It was announced earlier this week that Bandai Namco just so happens to be working on a brand new iteration of the legendary Metroid series for the Switch, Metroid Prime 4.

This long-awaited game is nothing less than Metroid Prime 4. It turns out the lead developer of the new Metroid game is Bandai Namco Studios Singapore. This faction of Banai Namco was formed in 2013 in association with Nintendo themselves.

Metroid Prime 4 At E3

Although it was officially announced at E3 last year, the lead developer wasn’t released as well as no gameplay/trailer shown.

We started to get suspicious after we knew the game might not even get released in 2018, but we know it takes a while to make a great game. Additionally, some of the biggest reveals at E3 this year for Nintendo was the Kirby and Yoshi titles.

Return Of The Metroid

Metroid Prime 4 will be the first iteration of the Metroid Prime series since “Corruption,” which was released for the Wii in the ancient times of 2007.

It’s fair to say any true Nintendo fan is eagerly awaiting the latest installment of this glorious franchise. Unlike the original trilogy, this iteration won’t be produced from Retro Studios. We still trust this won’t affect the quality of the game.


Metroid Prime 4 annouced for the Nintendo Switch



A Good Year For Nintendo

No matter what, 2018 will be an amazing year for Nintendo and the Switch. 2017 produced some of the best Nintendo games ever made, such as Breath of The Wild and Mario Odyssey.

Alongside the previously mentioned Yoshi and Kirby titles, we know Nintendo will release a new Fire Emblem installment later this year, which is huge. Don’t forget, a new Pokemon RPG for the Switch is expected later this year. Good times!


Nintendo is on a roll with their recent titles. The quality, artwork, and amounts of fun have been through the roof. We can count on Metroid Prime 4 and other huge titles like Yoshi and Kirby to make 2018 an incredible year for Nintendo fans and gamers alike.

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