Google’s New Gaming Console?

Google’s Entry Into Gaming

As time goes on, more advanced gaming consoles get released for the public to enjoy and satisfy our need to play. It seems Google might have been taking notes this whole time. Every once in a while, especially on social media, the codename “Yeti” gets mentioned. Although unconfirmed, recent rumors have been pointing “Yeti” as Google’s new gaming console.

The power of Google’s big data and insane cloud computing power could be the focal point of their new potential console. They have access to an enormous amount of information and processing ability that might theoretically allow a Netflix style game streaming service, similar to Origin Access.


A New Way To Play

Imagine if Google could find a way to let gamers stream full games over the internet without downloading them. Oh man, I would be in heaven. Even better yet, what if they found a way to stream the game with the processing power on their end? Could it be possible to play a game on ultra settings on a Chromebook? What if the processing is happening on a Google computer somewhere in the cloud?

This would completely revolutionize gaming. One of our favorite parts of streaming services, like Netflix, is the ability to watch a movie or show without having to download it first. I understand it’s a whole lot harder to do with video games, but if there’s a company that has the horsepower to pull it off I’d bet it would be Google.

It’s been theorized the big players in gaming have been wanting to make consoles software-based instead of hardware-based for a while now. The only problem is how insanely difficult it is to implement. Also, the average internet speeds are just now getting to a point where streaming is becoming mainstream and accessible. I really hope “Yeti” is real, and Google has something big up their sleeve.

Until we get more information we’ll just have to wait and see. We hope Google’s new gaming console is being developed as we speak!






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