Golden Guardians Get First Win! LCS Week 4

Three Teams (1-7) Three teams (7-1)

Golden Guardians get first win for themselves ensuring no team will go winless in either LCS. Three teams from both NA and EU are (1-7) as well as three teams being (7-1). A lot of middle of the pack teams stand heading into week 5, soon some teams will need to separate themselves from the pack.



Golden Guardians get first win of the season and Team Liquid takes a (0-2) week in week 4. Liquid dropped games to both top teams Echo Fox and Cloud9. 100 Thieves also took their first (0-2) week as well. With that Echo Fox and Cloud9, both give themselves a nice 2 game cushion while 3 teams still stand (4-4). Clutch Gaming stole a win from TSM to keep up with the middle of the pack. The top teams are starting to be seen a little more with the last 4 in CLG, FlyQuest, Optic Gaming, and Golden Guardians not really showing too much promise.


1 Echo Fox (7-1)

Golden Guardians get first win 

1 Cloud9 (7-1)

3 Team Liquid (5-3)

4 100 Thieves (4-4)

4 TSM (4-4)

4 Clutch Gaming (4-4)

7 CLG (3-5)

7 FlyQuest (3-5)

9 Optic Gaming (2-6)

10 Golden Guardians (1-7)



Again Team Vitality stands alone at (7-1) and truly look like a dominant team. Fnatic had a huge (2-0) week after having a slow start by their standards. EU has had a super close split so far with few teams clicking every week. Other than H2k and Unicorns of Love who are struggling immensely the teams as a whole seem very even. This makes for a fun to watch week every week. Not knowing what team is really going to win on any given match is very refreshing, compared to the dominant performances of years past.


1 Team Vitality (7-1)Golden Guardians get first win 

2 Giants (5-3)

2 G2 Esports (5-3)

2 Fnatic (5-3)

5 FC Schalke 04 (4-4)

5 Splyce (4-4)

5 ROCCAT (4-4)

5 Misfits Gaming (4-4)

9 H2K (1-7)

9 Unicorns of Love (1-7)


Week 5 Preview

The biggest matchup of week 5 will undoubtedly be Echo Fox vs Cloud9. The two top teams of NA will face off in what should be a very close and explosive match. Essentially all the games in the EU LCS should be interesting to watch as the teams seem to be so closely skilled. Another strange but interesting matchup in our opinion will be Optic Gaming vs Golden Guardians, while it may be a long shot each of these teams can technically still go 500 on the split. How likely is it to happen? Not nearly as much as we would hope for, but one thing is for certain whoever gets the win in week 5 will be giving themselves a shot.



Overall I still just can’t get over how refreshing it is to see new teams really step up and be at the top of the leaderboards. While one team’s dominance may be fun for them it gets stale for us. We hope to see the continued success of some of the lesser known teams names throughout the rest of the split. Furthermore, if you haven’t already checked out the article of our most anticipated games of 2018 be sure to do so here. Also, let us know what teams you’re rooting for in either NA or EU LCS’s. We love hearing from our readers and getting to know their opinions.

-Zach Y

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