How To Get Fit With Oculus Rift

We’ve All Been There

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a fan of gaming. Gaming brings joy and happiness (or saltiness) to millions of people every day. After having a long day sometimes you just want to sit down, open your favorite snacks, and relax while booting up a game. That exact situation is what helps me after a long stressful day of work and school. The problem is, even in a rather intense game of Fortnite I can’t say I’ve burned off many calories. Actually, it’s pretty safe to say I ate at least half a bag of something while parachuting down. This leaves us with a problem. How can gamers avoid or supplement this not-so-active hobby? Luckily, there’s now a way to get fit with Oculus Rift


Behold, Virtual Reality

A new era of gaming is upon us. Virtual Reality has become a cornerstone for modern gamers. It’s truly a new gaming paradigm. The beauty of immersing yourself in gaming like never before is surreal. The ways to play VR vary from sitting down to ducking, jumping, and weaving in your rooms-scale set up. Oculus has different “ranges of comfort” to adjust to your preferred level of physical motion. This is great for certain things, like Oculus Medium, but isn’t the ideal way to break a sweat. I’ve discovered for myself one of the true beauties of VR, gaming while exercising. Let’s break down the best ways to have fun and work up a sweat. Trust me, you will sweat. These games are perfect ways to get more fit.

Games That Will Help You Get Fit

Here’s a list of my favorite games that’ll make you drop some belt notches.


This game is a super fun way to get on your feet and have a blast. As an archer, you have to fight your ways through samurai and ninjas while dodging lethal attacks. The rhymic music keeps the fight going and the blood pumping while you gracefully master shoot your way to victory. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be a badass ninja, try this one out.

holopoint will make you fit

Superhot VR

Even though the enemies only move when you do, you’ll be breathing heavy sooner or later. An appraised game by many, Superhot VR has become a true gem in the world of VR. I’ve recently had the chance to try it out and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. As you fight through the levels in this game, you’ll strategize effective ways to neutralize your targets. This game combines strategy and action in a remarkable way. Be careful of your surroundings while you get lost in the fun, though.

superhot vr will make you fit


One of my personal favorites, Soundboxing show’s you how to break a sweat in VR. This rhymic game will have you “punching to the beat” of a massive collection of songs. The beatmaps are designed by other players so you can expect your hitboxes to line up with the beats very well. If you liked Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution, you’ll definitely like this one. After a half-hour of the harder levels, I felt like I had just finished a run! As a cautionary note, DO NOT use weighted wriststraps while playing. The laws of physics will not be on your side. Your joints weren’t made for that. The Oculus wriststraps were designed as light as possible for a very good reason!

soundboxing will help you get fit


Similar to Soundboxing, this rhymic game will have you deflecting the incoming musical notes to the beat of the song. The color scheme is great and the user interface is much more intuitive than Soundboxing. The biggest drawback in this game is the lack of well-designed beatmaps. Audioshield uses an automated system to register the game’s beatmaps which don’t always create the most fluid experience. On the bright side, you can get fit to any song on YouTube.


audioshield will make you fit

Thrill of the Fight

Crowned the most intense VR game yet, Thrill of the Fight will have you drenched in under 30 minutes. You can expect upwards to burn upwards of 800+ calories an hour, if you make it that far. Chances are, you won’t. Thrill of the Fight mimics real-life boxing. It’s great fun and might hlep you learn to actually box better. You’ll quickly learn why even the most fit boxers need short rounds.



thrill of the fight will get you fit


To get fit with Oculus Rift is a more enjoyable way to get experience than most. If you want to see our favorite VR experiences so far, check this out.


-Derek V

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