More Fortnite Game Modes!

More Fornite Game Modes to be added

Fortnite’s trend of adding in new temporary game modes seem to not end. With Epic games saying they will add five new game modes within the next month. As well as more to come after. We love seeing the random game types added to the game to keep the interest alive for more casual players. In the end, more Fortnite game modes will never hurt.


Possible New Fortnite Game Modes

An updated version of 50vs50 is said to be in the works with a smaller area to drop being in play. This will make fights almost have to be on a more grand scale. This genuinely our thought on 50vs50 when it came out and we are glad to see it being done. A Blitz mode is also thought to be coming soon, this mode will give less time in between the reduction of the playable zone. We would also love to see Epic implement some of the custom game modes people have been coming up with. While we aren’t sure how easily it could be done, it would be cool to see player made modes join the actual game.


Smaller Changes

The SMG very well might be leaving the game for good. We don’t think this is a bad thing as there are three different types of SMGs with all seeing very little use. Along with that, there will be some changes to audio as well. These audio changes will make you hear sounds based on where your in-game character is facing not where your camera is. Building audio is also going to be tweaked as well.



We really do love Fortnite as a game, and Epic Games as a whole. We will continue to watch the game grow with eager eyes. Of course, we will play these new game modes as they come out and give our opinion on each. The audio changes may also help the game a fair amount. If you haven’t checked out our article on some of the most anticipated games of 2018 be sure to read it here.

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