First Female Overwatch Player

Congratulations, “Geguri”

Something many people thought might not ever happen, a girl becoming a professional Overwatch player! For whatever reason, it seems girls just don’t enjoy competitive gaming as much as guys.

Maybe its ridicule, unawareness, peer-pressure, or lack of awareness, girls are statistically way, way less likely to become a professional eSport athlete. Luckily Geguri has overcome the odds to become the first female Overwatch player. We’re excited to see her perform for the Shanghai Dragons. Rumor has it, she has a great Zarya.


first female overwatch player

Shanghai Secures Geguri

The Shanghai Dragons recently announced they will be signing four new players to their roster. Unfortunately for them, the Dragons are in a rather bad state at the moment and could use some new talent. These new players are:

  • He “Sky” Junjian – 18-year-old Ana, Mcree, and Zenyatta main
  • Chon “Ado” Gi-Hyeon – 19-year-old DPS main
  • Lee “Fearless” Eui-Seok, 20-year-old Winston, Reinhardt, and Roadhog main
  • Kim “Geguri” – Zarya, Roadhog, and D.Va main

We hope this new roster can spring the Shanghai Dragons to life. We’re confident these new recruits can get the job done.


In an attempt to make the Shanghai Dragons competitive after a 0-10 run during their first season, they decided it was in their best interest to change things up and recruit some new rising talent.

Geguri, the first female Overwatch player is one of the 4 new recruits for the Shanghai Dragons. We hope this brings the Dragons to life this season.


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