Our Favorite VR Experiences So Far

The Thrills of Virtual Reality

We’ve entered an exciting era of humanity where virtual reality has become an actual thing. Gone are the days of wishing to experience different worlds in the comfort of your own home. Out of all the VR games I’ve played and other experiences I’ve had, some stand out to me as an absolutely amazing time while others might just leave you questioning what you’re doing or make your stomach turn.

Best Games

Before I even got my Oculus Rift I did through research (top rated games on steam) and came to the conclusion these were the “go-to” games. I’d have to say I wasn’t too far off, but there are definitely others I would recommend as well.

Gorn: This game is an absolute blast. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and just wants you to have a good time. You were a gladiator defending yourself vs increasingly difficult enemies. You unlock a potent arsenal over time and have to test your medieval combat skills in a small, contained area. The combat is fluid, the controls feel nice, and the graphics are pretty solid. My favorite weapon is the giant maul.

The Climb: If you haven’t guessed, the premise of this game is to, well, climb. You will find yourself surrounded my gorgeous environments ascending mountains, dungeons, and all other types of scalable things. It might sound easy but it can become quite challenging and even give you a decent workout if you push yourself. This was is great to show off to your friends if they haven’t tried VR before.

Rec Room: If you remember Wii Sports this is what I’d compare it to. That probably doesn’t do Rec Room justice, though. The amount of games to play with strangers or friends online is far greater, oh, and not to mention these games are in VR. I play Disc Golf in real life and this game’s version of it is totally awesome. Playing in VR has actually helped my real life throws!

Lone Echo: Quite possibly my favorite game out of this list, Echo Arena is a true showstopper of VR. The graphics, controls, and story are all top notch as far as VR is concerned. You’ll find yourself on a spaceship as a robot trying to figure out what “anomaly” happened nearby. If you have ever wanted to know what zero G’s might feel like, give this game a try.

Echo Arena: From the same developers of Lone Echo comes Echo Arena. This is a free, competitive “virtual eSports” game. It’s pretty much Ender’s Game. That’s what makes this game truly shine. Ever since I was a kid I thought it would be amazing to play competitive games in a virtual world. Turns out I wasn’t wrong, it is amazing.

VR experience

Best Experiences

Google Earth VR: I was blown away when I was first introduced to regular Google Earth. Google Earth VR is on a totally different level. The immersion is truly fascinating. They have really cool “tours” you can go on to showcase the true beauty of Earth.

Air Car:  This one might sound strange to some but I really liked this one. You’ll find yourself in a large city controlling a flying car. The sensation of flying something couldn’t be any more real. If you don’t have a tough stomach this one might make you a little motion sick at first so watch out.

First Contact: The first thing you will experience when you set up your Oculus Rift is First Contact. I haven’t shown this to anyone without them in awe. It’s just so cool. Your little robot friend helps you insert different cartridges into a 3D printer to experience come to life.

BigscreenHaving a virtual theatre all to yourself (or with others) is pretty sweet. Although the resolution of modern VR headsets isn’t perfect, it’s still a very enjoyable experience if you’re looking to sit back and relax.


-Derek V


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