Far Cry 5’s Guns For Hire

Far Cry 5’s Guns for Hire

Today Ubisoft announced Far Cry 5’s guns for hire (7). There is a decent variety within the 7 characters, one even being a dog! Each character naturally has his or her own traits that can aid you if different ways. Ubisoft went with the classic super hick route with most of these characters, which may not even be the worst thing for the game. Let’s take a look at them.

Far Cry 5's guns for hire

“The King of the Skies” – Pilot

Nick Rye is the first of the 7 we saw in Ubisoft’s video. Nick and his wife are expecting a baby, so he’s willing to fight back for his kid. He is a pilot so clearly, he comes with his plane. Two highlighted abilities we saw in the video were Light ‘Em Up and Bomb’s Away. Light ‘Em Up being a strafing run and Bomb’s Away being a classic bomb delivery system. Nick fights for his family.


Far Cry 5's guns for hire

“The Master Huntress” – Hunter

Jess Black is up next but you wouldn’t see her coming. As a master huntress, Jess uses a compound bow to as she says “putting arrows through the head of people who want to kill me.” Jess’s abilities are Concealment and Feral Friendly. The first making her harder to detect by enemies and the second making wild animals not attack her. Jess fights for revenge.


Far Cry 5's guns for hire

“Just Dangerously Stupid” – RPG

Hurk Drubman Jr. as his title says doesn’t seem like the brightest. But he does have an RPG which makes him very useful. Junk It and Heat Seeker are his two abilities shown, giving him the ability to do more damage to vehicles with the RPG and track air and land vehicles respectfully. He is also apparently the only one with a direct line to the “Monkey King up above.” Hurk fights for Hurk and Beer.

Far Cry 5's guns for hire

“The Chopper Queen” – Pilot

Adelaide Drubman aka Mama Hurk is also a pilot, but this time it’s a chopper pilot. She’s a businesswoman who is tired of the cult getting in her way. Call a Chopper and Less Reload seem to be more of a passive help but nonetheless good. Having a helicopter delivered can be very helpful as well as a big magazine on your big gun what’s not to like? Adelaide fights because no one tells her what to do.

Far Cry 5's guns for hire

“The Pyrotechnics Phenom” – Pyromaniac

Sharky Boshaw likes it hot, really hot. He seems like a total bro and is happy to join you. Fire It Up gives your attacks an extra spark being sure to keep it hot. And he’s shatterproof, this man is resistant to most explosions and impacts. He really knows how to take a hit. Sharky fights because he has no friends.

Far Cry 5's guns for hire

“The Sharp-Shooting Hero” – Sniper

Grace Armstrong is your resident badass and veteran of the army. She doesn’t mess around with the term sharp-shooter and knows she’s good. Friendly Sight makes her laser sight easier to distinguish. Her other ability Boom Boom will scare all enemies are she has fired her gun. She’s a real soldier and fights to keep hope alive.

Far Cry 5's guns for hire

“The Good Boy” – Scout

Boomer is clearly our favorite at the start and most likely everyone else’s as well. Whats not to love about a dog named Boomer. This good boy also has his own abilities those being, Retriever and Pointer. Retriever allows him to fetch a weapon after an attack sometimes. While Pointer will tag all enemies nearby, and of course Boomer fights for you.

Far Cry 5's guns for hire


Overall Far Cry 5’s guns for hire look different all in their own ways. We expect to use all of them at least once when we play the game. We really do love the inclusion of the character profiles in the video. That alone gives them character even before the game is out. Of course, Boomer will still always be our favorite because who doesn’t love a good boy. Also if you haven’t had a chance to check out some of the more anticipated games of 2018 be sure to look here.

-Zach Y


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