What to expect from SKT vs SSG Worlds finals 2017

SKT vs SSG Worlds finals

Before the SKT vs SSG worlds final starting tonight at 3 a.m. We are going to take a look at what to expect from each of the lanes. Your preview for the League of Legends worlds finals here!


Looking to the top lane we have Huni and CuVee their stats are not actually too far apart stats wise. Huni’s KD ratio is lower but his cs is higher. Expect to see Huni try and do more of a split push style of gameplay while CuVee will continue to look to group with his team and force good fights for Samsung.


In the jungle what will really be the most exciting thing to see is who plays between Blank and Peanut. We know Ambition will but in work and stay ahead in the jungle having better average cs per minute then both SKT junglers.


In the mid lane, we have the master Faker vs Crown. While Crown does have better stats just remember it’s faker at Worlds this man doesn’t often fail. Expect Crown to play well but it’s hard to think Faker won’t step up into his robot mode and carry the games.


At ADC Ruler’s kda is scary how high it is at 11.6 compared to Bang’s 3.9. What will be important is to watch the Kalista ban/pick so far which is 100% at Worlds this year. The composition of each team will play a big role and what these adc’s can do.


With the adc’s in the bot lane will be the supports. Can Wolf become a carry for the team like he’s always wanted to be and step up to help SKT win worlds? As for CoreJJ he just has to keep playing as he has been with a solid 7.3 kda he’s clearly putting in work and will need to continue to do so.

Overall the Worlds finals should be very fun to watch. I expect a 3-1 victory for the 3 time Worlds champions SKT.
Be sure to watch it here Riot Games twitch. 

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-Zach Y

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