Why Everyone Is Loving Sea Of Thieves So Much

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a pirate adventure game where you can sail the seas, find treasure, and fight other pirates along the way. The beta will run from 1/24 to 1/29 but already two days in and people can’t get enough of this wonderful game.

Sea of Thieves

Core Mechanics

The core mechanics of the game are pretty simple yet so rewarding. As of now there really isn’t that much to do in the game other than the small amount of quest to find different loot and fight other players. With that said just doing those two things are so fun. These tasks really give you a sense of adventure which is what the game really is about.



The pvp in the game can be extremely fun, with cannon fire at another player or groups ship to shooting them with a shotgun the pvp just feels good. With the cannon fire comes some other small mechanics of the game such as repairing the boat and getting the water out. It makes the pvp have some strategy to it as you may have to have someone in your group solely focused on repairing the ship. After killing the players and sinking their ship you can be rewarded by any chest they may have from their quests or certain supplies such as cannon balls, wooden planks, and bananas.



The quest in the game as of now seems to be pretty simple. You are given a picture of one of the islands of the map and your job is to find that island then find where the treasure is hidden. Doing these quests give you chest which can be turned in for gold. This gold is used to buy outfits and update graded shovels and compasses. You also gain reputation for finishing quest which allows you to then get better quest based on reputation level.


What We Want to See

As the game progresses we would love to see more RPG elements put into the game. As well as more quests and real progression. The thought of an uncountable number of outfits to customize yourself with also doesn’t seem like the worst idea.



Overall we think the game while still in beta is at a good spot. We clearly want more to be added to the game as it is barebones due to being in beta. We are excited to see where the devs want to take the game and can’t wait to see it grow. Be sure to check out some of the most anticipated games of 2018 here, and check out the game for yourself in you haven’t already here.

-Zach Y

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