Best Multiplayer Games To Play So Far 2018

Singleplayer vs Multiplayer

Some of my all-time favorite games to play are singleplayer. The graphics, story, and environments are usually superior to their online counterparts. It takes a lot of computing power to render a lot of players in one setting so often times developers have to tone down the settings. However, there are some major advantages of online gaming that I love. For instance, we can all make fun of our buddies for missing that shot or convincing new players the way to something in-game is “Alt + F4.” There’s also the element of competition if that’s your cup of tea. Many of the games in this list offer an exceptionally competitive environment if you consider yourself “a god” while everyone else on your teams is always noobs. Let’s take a look at our best multiplayer games to play so far in 2018.

League of Legends

This classic MOBA has been around for over around 9 years now and is still going strong. I started playing in season 2. At season 8, this game has come a long, long way. With the introduction of new champions like my favorite, Yasuo, it’s been awesome watching the evolution of the game progress. Over time, the game slowly has slowly evolved into different metas, where certain champions, builds, and team compositions become the most powerful. Riot Games does a great job of keeping the game relevant and fun. League of Legends has been a critical influence on the world eSports. Every year, they have a World Championship where the best teams across the world face off in the ultimate battle of skill and teamwork. Although I don’t actively play the game, I can safely say this game was a huge part of gaming profile over the last handful of years.

best multiplayer games to play so far in 2018

Counter-Strike: Global Offense

The Counter-Strike franchise has been kicking it since 1999. Counter-Strike: Source was a very popular eSport in the mid-2000s. The gunplay was balanced, competitive, and addicting. Counter-Strike’s formula presented itself to be a skill-based, twitch reflex shooter that would take off in later years. Valve’s latest game, Counter-Strike: Global Offense has become one of the world’s most beloved shooter. Improving on graphics, gameplay, and their dedication to eSports competition, Global Offense has managed to pull off Twitch’s record of most live viewers of any game. CS:GO has its own ecosystem of buying and selling in-game cosmetics with a world market of millions of dollars annually. You can read our recent article, Facebook Captures ESL, for more information about the future of Counter-Strike.

best multiplayer games to play so far in 2018


This relatively new game has had a massive impact on the gaming community. With its impressively smooth framerates, great combat mechanics, and simple concept, Fortnite gained incredible traction to quickly become one of the most popular multiplayer games around. As battle royale game, it directly competes with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds which I’ll talk about next. The main differences of this game are a smaller map, quicker games, building, and fewer items. These things can be good or bad depending on which you prefer. Overall, Fortnite has a more laid-back vibe than PUBG. Don’t worry, there are some seriously good players out there who will not hesitate to kill you mercilessly. Last but certainly not least, this game has a PvE game mode that is super fun to play with friends.

best multiplayer games to play so far in 2018

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, learned from its battle royale predecessors and built off them. Its deep array items and customization had spawned a fanbase that truly loves the hardcore “last man standing” feel of the game. Its graphics aren’t bad, but it suffers serious texture problems and has been known to be a framerate killer for some. PUBG’s use of vehicles and bomb zones adds a unique touch from Fortnite. The shooting is more realistic and can even be played in first person. That being said, the game sits behind a modest $29.99 price tag. If you do decide to play, you will certainly squeeze out a plenty of hours of fun from this battle royale game.

best multiplayer games to play so far in 2018


From the producers of World of Warcraft, Overwatch stands at the top of its genre. The fluid combat, unique hero design, and sweet art style makes it a great choice. Although it’s the most expensive game on the list with a $38 price tag, it’s the most expensive game on the list. Luckily, all these titles are under AAA prices. Don’t let that fool you, you’re buying a very high-quality game that hundreds of thousands of people enjoy every day. The unique gameplay of Overwatch is how it draws its allure. You team up with some people and fight for the given objectives. You pick a certain hero that has unique abilities and tactics to succeed. The thing is, each hero has counter picks and other heroes they excel against. If you aren’t doing well if a hero, feel free to swap your pick out in game.

best multiplayer games to play so far in 2018


Monster Hunter World

The newest addition to the list, Monster Hunter World has quickly become an insanely popular MMO. If you didn’t know, in Monster Hunter revolves around, well, fighting monsters. The mechanics of Monster Hunter lure in even the most casual gamers to unexpectedly play for hours at a time. The progression system and feeling of slaying a mighty beast after an epic battle leaves us craving more every time. It wasn’t until Monster Hunter World that the franchise has been popular in the United States. Capcom has streamlined the core mechanics to make us westerners feel more at home. If you want to learn more about this exciting title, read our Monster Hunter World First Impressions.








We hope you enjoyed our list of the best multiplayer games to play so far in 2018. Only time will tell what new and exciting titles will come out this year. All I know is that I can’t wait! If you haven’t yet, check out our most anticipated games of 2018 here.




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