Battle Royale Showdown: PUBG vs Fortnite

The Battle Between Battle Royales

With a vast array of multiplayer games to choose from, why do battle royale games get so much attention? What makes these games so popular? The truth is no matter what type of gamer you are when you play a multiplayer game it’s more fun to play with friends. Battle royale: ” a fight participated in by more than two combatants; especially: one in which the last fighter in the ring or the last fighter standing is declared the winner.” That definition should give you a pretty solid hint as to why these games have been so popular lately. Let’s take a closer look at PUBG vs Fortnite.

There’s nothing better than squading up with your best buddies and parachuting from some vehicle in the sky. Once you all land, the next step is to gather loot, make a strategy, and hope for the best. PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) and Fortnite have won many gamer’s hearts as they laughed and screamed away countless hours in the clash of paratroopers. But with such similar mechanics what games one game better than the other? How do you choose which game is best for you?

How They Compare

PUBG was launched before Fortnite (although both are still in early access.) The first thing you’ll notice is the graphics are more realistic than Fortnite’s cartoony, smooth textures. Of course, this preference is up to the player. After you drop down from your plane and start looting you might notice there are more options, especially attachments for guns in PUBG. There’s no such thing as too much customization in games. After a few hours of playing the game feels like a more classic shooter which is trying to make its way into a competitive eSports scene. You can read more about that here. However, Fortnite innovated a crafting system that allows players to create walls, stairs, and other objects on the fly to protect themselves or create strategic terrain. The differences are critical, yet niche. Here’s how we ranked the two:

Graphics– Opinion  *Personal preference, with vastly different art styles it would be hard to pick which game has “better” graphics.

Optimization: Fortnite: 9 / PUBG: 6  *PUBG was notorious for choppier frames, especially when landing from the plane. However, they have managed to improve performance quite a bit recently.

Gameplay:  Fornite: 8 / PUBG: 7  *Although PUBG has a larger arsenal of guns and attachments, Fortnite’s crafting system creates a game dynamic not introduced in PUBG.

Price: Fortnite: Free / PUBG: $29.99  *Obviously, a free game is the better deal, right?



After considering all above points, it would be hard to not choose Fortnite as the superior choice for a battle royale game. Because of its price point, I recommend trying Fortnite and seeing if you like the genre in the first place. If, however, you want a game with more customization and more realistic graphics, PUBG is the right way to go.

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-Derek V

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